Inappropriate Questions
Asking the wrong questions—the right way.


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Rob: So have you had the surgery? Are you going to get the surgery?

Meghan: Why don't you have kids?

Rema: What kind of name is that?

Ann: Why don't you drink? Oh, come on.

Andrew: Hey so like, can you have sex?

Elena: Have you ever been out and about living your normal life and then someone comes up to you and asks an inappropriate question?

Harv: On the flip side, have you ever asked an inappropriate question?

Elena: We have questions about these questions. I'm Elena Hudgins Lyle, I'm a recent grad, I'm a big podcast nerd and I'm really into exploring social issues.

Harv: I'm Harvinder Wadhwa and I'm just a dad.

Elena: [Laughs] Harv, you're more than just a dad to us. We're a bit of an unlikely pair you could say two mismatched peas in a pod...cast.

[Both laugh]

Elena: Together, Harv and I are going to be looking into the questions people ask that maybe they shouldn't.

Harv: Obviously, between the two of us, we don't have all these answers.

Elena: No.

Harv: So we'll be talking to people who have been asked these questions.

Charlotte: I've had people ask, you know, "What are you?" right? Like "What colour are you?" and we'd say things like purple.

Rob: It's 9 AM, I've had half a cup of coffee. This is not the time to ask me about my personal surgeries.

Andrew: We don't see disabled people as sexual; we don't see them as people.

Elena: We'll also talk to experts in their fields to give us a bit of context on where these questions came from and why people ask them.

Charlotte: Right away by asking, you're saying you're different than I am.

Christine: Some of the most creative people sexually are people with disabilities.

Amira: To coerce a woman to wear one is just as bad as to coerce her to not wear one.

Amy: If I said, “Well why did you have kids?" I don't know that people would respond well to that question.

Harv: It's not to say that people who are asking these questions are mean-spirited.

Elena: No, they're just curious. So where do you draw the line between curious and inappropriate?

Harv: We don't know.

Rob: I think a lot of folks expect trans people to be your Google.

Kevin: There's certain places I think where I wouldn't want somebody to ask me that.

Denise: But if the person's asking just because they're genuinely curious about why you don't drink, maybe they feel like they can learn from that.

Elena: The first two episodes of Inappropriate Questions will be available on February 5th.

Harv: And you can find us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.

Elena: So whether you've been asked inappropriate questions...

Harv: ...or you have asked inappropriate questions.

Elena: Come get inappropriate with us.